The Art Work


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A bit about the art work used in this website.

The art work for the website has been created by Artist, Sean O'Hagan who has generously agreed for it be used for the Tracing Autonomy website. We asked Sean to say a few words about his work and approach.

My name is Sean O’Hagan. I live in East Kilbride and I’m an Artist.

My paintings of the sea were painted by mouth using acrylic ink and a variety of colours and brushes.

I’m interested in how the sea hits the land and how it changes the land, and the sound of the waves crashing of rocks. I like the way that the light hits the water and creates different effects and colour, and the way it changes the sand. Seeing islands and the way the water surrounds them is very interesting as well.

The sea paintings started as practice pieces trying to capture the flow and form of the sea. I decided to use the three practice pieces to create one fully formed art work, but you can see the practice pieces in the Tracing Autonomy website.

When I made the marks I was thinking about the direction of the brush, the flow and the angle of the board, the angle of the brush and the weight of it and how this would effect the marks. I enjoy the process of thinking about what kind of mark to make and how it goes with the picture, and the colours that work to emphasise different effects.

At the moment I am working on a new animated art work, working digitally on the computer. These images are moving through several different landscapes over time. I am creating sound effects to go with the animation.